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Clients & Testimony
  • AcaLumni Project

  • Brookline High School Testastatones

  • BU Aural Fixation

  • BU Forte

  • BU Mustard Seed

  • Cape Harmony

  • Case Western Solstice

  • JMU Note-Oriety

  • MIT Chorallaries

  • MIT Resonance

  • MIT Syncopasian

  • NCCOne Note Stand

  • Roxbury Latin School

  • S#arp Attitude

  • Simmons Sirens

  • UConn Chordials

  • UConn Royal Tones

Nina provided a lot of tips to mold the end product into something we could all be proud of! Her input made the final product unique, fun, and lovely to listen to.

She is willing to test out ideas and pushes both herself and her clients to achieve better quality end products.

It feels like Nina paid more attention to the quality of individual singers and was willing to push us to do more takes, which maintains a higher quality overall.

- Aural Fixation


Nina made sure to give the president and music directors almost a dozen cuts which was very impressive! She wanted our feedback on each track and made sure our wants were met, which made it a very collaborative effort. - Simmons Sirens


Nina's production is incredibly flexible and diverse. Furthermore, she dove deep into our project and worked with our group to figure out how the music *should* sound, well before starting on any editing. - MIT Syncopasian


Her feedback was so extensive that it really helped shape our sound! - BU Forte


We were able to go back and forth with [Nina] to make small adjustments to get exactly what we wanted - UMass S#arp Attitude


I love constructive criticism and she delivered it sooo sweetly. Nina is very kind, helpful, and fun to work with. - Simmons Sirens


Custom vocal arrangements of your requested song with appropriate range, voice parts, and difficulty; or select from my library of assorted arrangements, which can be edited to your needs


Your best performances captured at a high quality using my mobile studio equipment

Your arrangements were a hit this weekend at SPARK Jazz Cabaret! You are amazing! And so talented. I cannot thank you enough!

- Elizabeth Quackenbush, Choral Director, Jamesville-DeWitt High School


Tight vocals that are perfectly in time, tuned to the industry standard of vocal editing


Beats that slap, in-your-face leads, a balance of colors and textures that showcase your performances and arrangement 

Nina, this is fantastic. Job very well done. You're worth every penny you would have been paid. . . Thank you very much for doing this for us, and for being a genuine pleasure to work with. The group LOVES the recording, and a lot of that is you.

- Shawn Pearce, Project Coordinator, Acalumni Project

Cell Phone Series
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