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Nina made sure to give the president and music directors almost a dozen cuts which was very impressive! She wanted our feedback on each track and made sure our wants were met. - Simmons Sirens


Nina's production is incredibly flexible and diverse. Furthermore, she dove deep into our project and worked with our group to figure out how the music *should* sound, well before starting on any editing. - MIT Syncopasian


Her feedback was so extensive that it really helped shape our sound! - BU Forte


We were able to go back and forth with [Nina] to make small adjustments to get exactly what we wanted - UMass S#arp Attitude


I love constructive criticism and she delivered it sooo sweetly. - Simmons Sirens


Nina is very kind, helpful, and fun to work with. - Simmons Sirens


Nina gave us feedback and was equally open to our feedback, which made it a very collaborative effort. - Simmons Sirens


Custom vocal arrangements of your requested song with appropriate range, voice parts, and difficulty; or select from my library of assorted arrangements, which can be edited to your needs


Your best performances captured at a high quality using my mobile studio equipment

Your arrangements were a hit this weekend at SPARK Jazz Cabaret! You are amazing! And so talented. I cannot thank you enough!

- Elizabeth Quackenbush, Choral Director, Jamesville-DeWitt High School


Tight vocals that are perfectly in time, tuned to the industry standard of vocal editing


Beats that slap, in-your-face leads, a balance of colors and textures that showcase your performances and arrangement 

Nina, this is fantastic. Job very well done. You're worth every penny you would have been paid. . . Thank you very much for doing this for us, and for being a genuine pleasure to work with. The group LOVES the recording, and a lot of that is you.

- Shawn Pearce, Project Coordinator, Acalumni Project