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Alongside artists like Track IX, Imogen Heap, Julia Easterlin, Grace McLean, and Kimbra, singer-songwriter Nina Pelligra wants to secure her place on the list of supremely talented professional live-loop performers. Pelligra's latest recording, Sense of Self, sets her on that path.

Recorded A Cappella Review Board, TeKay


Sense of Self is about all of our journeys to discovering the nooks and crannies of our souls -- recognizing the influences that we've internalized, both positive and negative, and confronting the pieces of ourselves that maybe you never wanted to meet. And most of all, loving every single one of those pieces. 

Two years ago, I had never been farther away from myself. I had too many relationships to which I surrendered my voice and what I believed in. I ended up in the hospital, unable to breathe from the weight of my own repressed being. 

Now, I'm grateful for the opportunity to re-discover who I really was, what I really believed, who I wanted to be surrounded by, and sometimes coming up without answers, and being ok with that. 

My message going forward is to empower all of us, particularly women, to never apologize for who you are, and to never let anyone make you feel small -- to speak up for yourself first, and advocate for others when you can.


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